Started playing guitar at age 12, wanting to be the next Phil Keaggy. While I did like rock music, it wasn't until I heard Rush's, "Moving Pictures" sis I really want to rock out. I quickly learned that Alex Lifeson was not the greatest lead guitarists, OR should I say, he focused on making his parts exactly that; parts of the group's effort to create masterpieces.
 I soon found interest in bass guitar, how could I not with Geddy Lee's wonderful work in my headphones all the time. I moved from guitar to the four string bass and moved through the usual line-up of great bassists. Jaco, Stuart Hamm, Stanley Clark, Jimmy Jameson... and of course Carol King. There are too many greats to mention and I strive to be as good as their worst moments.
 Now, after 18 years on "the road" in a series of strange yet musically inclined acts, I've retired to songwriting and raising my young children. They know me as dad first and foremost, which is wonderful, then they recognize me as a musician when they hear my travel stories, the rocky mountains and the atlantic ocean, and all places in between.

a.k.a. "Bob on Bass"

Welcome to me!

July 30th, 2010 + 10:07 PM  ·  leddygee

The First Blog Is The Deepest
  Welcome leddygee to a new musician's network. Hopefuly better than the last one you were involved with. 
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